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Why have a fire extinguisher in your car?


Alot of people wonder why you would ever want a fire extinguisher in their car. They think that if their car does catch fire they will just get out and let insurance take care of it. However let me show you why that is not the best idea…

  1. Many times in a crash you could be pinned inside the car. With an extinguisher at your feet you may be able to put out a dangerous fire.
  2. Many fires aren’t just in your car. Wouldn’t it be smart to have a known location for a fire extinguisher. A while ago one of our fire extinguishers saved a mans house. He was welding in his shed that is attached to his house and his couch lit up. Flames started up the wall towards the ceiling. He had no way to get it out because he had no extinguisher in his house. He ran out and got his extinguisher from his Ford Ranger and went and put out the fire.
  3. All fires start small. If you can easily extinguish a small fire wouldnt you rather than than deal with the waste of time and money of insurance?
  4. Save other people. If you saw a car on fire on the road with someone trapped inside. Would you feel better having an extinguisher that you could use to save that person? I know i would!

In any case, a fire extinguisher installed in your vehicle with a Kap Industries No Drill mount you will always end up safer and better off than without one.


Thank you for considering a Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher for your car!

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Need an extinguisher?

Great job! You’re now on your way to safeguarding your vehicle! However, remember that this bracket does not include an extinguisher.

Click below to bundle an extinguisher with your bracket and enjoy free shipping across Australia!

$91.30 incl. GST