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Fire extinguisher into Toyota N60 Hilux

Kap IndustriesMon, May 23, 2022 11:52pmURL:Embed:This is the installation guide for a Kap Industries fire extinguisher mounting bracket. You can get this

Vic Super cruise in the E36 M3


Last weekend I enjoyed taking KIM out for a great drive! We travelled all through the Victorian high country. I left about halfway and still did about 600kms. The other guys must have done around 1000kms. I had one small moment with the car where i nearly slid off the mountain. Unfortunately no footage as the lens of the go pro was covered in mud from other cars.

The car is running pretty bad now too as you will see in the next video. I think some of my secret stuff on the way back may have caused it… Stay tuned for that footage!

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