VW Polo Fire Extinguisher Bracket

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This Fire Extinguisher Mount bolts straight into the VW Polo. The front seats can easily slide over the top with zero interference.

Made from 3mm Steel and Powder Coated Black. The bracket has a series of slots so no drilling is required. It’s a 5 minute install!

If you want one for both sides of your car, just add 2 in your cart!

The seat bolt is a special Triple Star bolt. You can use a Torx T50 on it and undo it VERY Gently. Not recommended to but is easier than getting a triple star.

How to Install:

1: Carefully undo front seat bolts with a Torx T50,

2: Lift front of seat up a bit and slide bracket under till the holes line up with the bolt holes,

3: Put bolts back in,

4: Tighten up each bolt gradually.

Comes with:

1 x VW Polo Bracket

2 x M5 Stainless Nylocks

2 x M5 Stainless Button Bolts

Note! Seat bolts are easily cross threaded. Please be careful of installation. No responsibility taken for incorrect install.

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