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Fire extinguisher into an Isuzu NPS 75-155

Kap IndustriesWed, September 14, 2022 5:46amURL:Embed:This is the installation procedure for mounting a Kap Industries fire extinguisher bracket into an Isuzu NPS

October 2022. What have we been doing?


Hi everyone,

This is one of my first times doing a blog post. I wanted to explain what I have been working on behind the scenes and also talk about what we have been working hard on lately.

In the last couple of months we have released another 6 or 7 new bracket designs for various cars and trucks. In this post i will just explain a couple of stand outs! Keep tuned for the next blog soon.

They are:

  1. Toyota Chaser JZX100. What a great bracket this one is. It bolts onto the passenger side of the vehicle and just looks so great in the car. It does interfere with the seat movement but i cant see this being a big deal since they are a 4 door car with heaps of room in the back. The bracket itself when it has the extinguisher in fits so clean and really suits the interior heaps. It was a fun project and was great to get done. I had over the years had a heap of emails and messages requesting this one so now its done I am really glad! Link to the bracket here. https://kap.industries/product/suitable-for-toyota-jzx100-fire-extinguisher-bracket/
  2. Toyota Hilux N60. This is a dual bracket. One for the Left side of the chassis and one for the right side. These ones are also another fantastic product that doesnt interfere with the seat movement. The extinguisher suits the floor so nice and clean. What a great device to have in your 25 year old car. Whether you go bush or camping, having a fire extinguisher close at hand is always a smart decision. Link to bracket: https://kap.industries/product/suitable-for-toyota-hilux-n60-fire-extinguisher-bracket/
  3. Ford Ranger RA. This is a the new 2022+ ford ranger. I think the vehicle looks great! It has a more american style truck look which is cool as. The bracket design for this one was one that i wanted it to work with 3d or maxliner style floor mats. They have raised edges and are great for catching dirt and people often install them and want my brackets to work with them. This design has achieved that and also has no interferance with the seat movement at all. What a great design if i do say so myself! haha Link to bracket: https://kap.industries/product/2022-ford-ranger-ra-fire-extinguisher-bracket/

Thanks so much for all your support over the last 8 years!

Russ Kap

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