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Fire extinguisher into Toyota N60 Hilux

Kap IndustriesMon, May 23, 2022 11:52pmURL:Embed:This is the installation guide for a Kap Industries fire extinguisher mounting bracket. You can get this



Kap Industries is a husband and wife team that sells fire extinguisher brackets for performance cars and four wheel drives.

CAMS requires participants of certain racing events to have a fire extinguisher fitted. When I was racing, I didn’t like the idea of drilling into my car, so I came up with a bracket that fitted my Subaru WRX wagon. From there people asked me where I got my bracket from, so I started to make more.

I believe my product is the best fire extinguisher bracket on the market. It’s within arms reach, it meets CAMS requirements and it looks neat and tidy. In fact, they look so good, many of my customers have told me they are not planning any on attending track events, but they wanted their car too look like a race car, and so they purchased my bracket!

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