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Fleet Vehicle Fire Safety


With the amount of modern cars with high pressure fuel pumps, electrical computers and lines, high temperature DPF and Catalytic converters on board, the risk of fires has never been so high! People think that modern cars are less likely to have fires, however statistics have shown that fires in new cars is a major risk.

As employers you should be very interested in the protection of your workers but also you equipment. On board or in cab fire extinguishers should be a must have item, much like your common insurance and maintenance. Some fire protection companies only install fire extinguishers with Tek Screws. Here are a couple of reasons why that is a terrible idea.

  • Tek Screws are not a Load Rated fastener so in the event of a crash the extinguisher can snap the screws and become a missile potentially killing a driver or injuring at best.
  • Drilling into the vehicle with these Tek Screws is very likely to hit one of the many power cables or fuel lines/brake lines running through that area causing electrical fires or total loss of brakes.
  • Drilling the vehicle can cause rust points in the vehicle.

Our method of Extinguisher mounting is far superior using the factory high tensile seat bolts, metal bracket and high tensile nuts and bolts. Plus its a simple 5 minute installation that is completely reversible.

For your fleet vehicles fire protection please contact us about Fleet Pricing. We can also supply you with the best Fire Extinguishers on the market.

Kap Industries- Protecting Fleet Vehicles Properly.

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Need an extinguisher?

Great job! You’re now on your way to safeguarding your vehicle! However, remember that this bracket does not include an extinguisher.

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