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Kap Industries has the best community that has supported our small business for many years. Through word of mouth, positive reviews and recommendations, we’ve been able to grow into the company we are today. We want to be able to reward that effort, whereby promoting Kap Industries you not only help us but also earn money yourself!
Introducing the Kap Industries Affiliate Program. By joining, you’ll earn a commission of 10% per product sale from every purchase that comes from your affiliate link. We use an affiliate management service that is easy to set up and manage.

How it works

If you have purchased in the past, you’ll already have an affiliate link set up. Login to your account to view. Simply share that link with friends and family and any sales made through your link, you’ll get paid 10%. If you have an online store or online website, you can use the same link to direct your audience to our store. 

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If you haven’t purchased from us before and would like to become an affiliate, simply need to fill in the details below.

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Prefer to shop on eBay? We’ve got you covered! We sell all our brackets on eBay too, check it out!

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