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Questions about KAP Industries products? We’ve got answers. Please feel free to read our FAQs below, or get in touch if we havn’t answered your question.

Are these CAMS approved / legal in racing?

Yes these are manufactured to CAMS Specifications Schedule H 1:1.  HAND-HELD FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: (i) Each hand-held fire extinguisher shall be secured using a metal bracket attached to the automobile with only high tensile bolts or equivalent fasteners and must remain restrained under a deceleration or acceleration of 25G ; and (ii) must be capable of removal by the driver (or crew, where applicable) without the aid of tools.
Our brackets are made out Steel and they are supplied with M5 High Tensile Nuts and Bolts and are designed to be attached to the vehicle via the factory High Tensile Factory bolts. 

Are these hard to Install?

No these are very easy to install. They can be installed with simple hand tools in only minutes. We provide detailed video instructions for most of our brackets too.

Do these cause any damage to the vehicle?

No not at all. These are all designed to be easily installed and easily removed if the vehicle is sold later on.

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